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Business Coach Laura Roeder – How I Got My First Paying Client

April 15, 2021


We became entrepreneurs so that we can do the work that we love.


If you're going to have a crappy job and be miserable, have a regular old jobby job! There is no reason that you have to build a business model that makes you miserable.


A lot of people want to get out of doing client work because it’s a model that they don’t love or they have just gotten tired of it.


There is no shame in looking for a change.


And for some, teaching online courses is just the change that they are looking for–a way to start fresh and rediscover the love that brought them to coaching in the first place.


Today, we are continuing our series of conversations with 6 and 7-figure coaches about how they got their first paying client and what they would do differently today.


And this episode is a little different: I’m talking with the founder of Paperbell Coaching Software, Laura Roeder.


Laura is a lifelong entrepreneur and founder of several multi-million dollar bootstrap companies – MeetEdgar, Marie Forleo’s B-School, and LKR Social Media.


Here’s the thing: Laura didn’t get started coaching. She started as a web designer and realized that coaching and consulting on social media was a better model for her than running a design agency.


But she didn’t choose a conventional coaching path. Instead, she discovered online courses and the rest, as they say, is history. Or rather, the rest is in this episode of Coach Pony!


By simply following a business path that excited her she has been able to build a business model that she loves.


Listen to the full episode to hear:

  • How a client in the fashion industry led her to discover the world of online business courses
  • How Laura has built up an audience through guest posting, blogging, newsletters, and social media
  • How Laura’s lowest moment as an entrepreneur involved trudging through blizzards to brave chamber of commerce meetings
  • What Laura sees as the top pitfalls with online courses and membership sites


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