CLOUT with Lexi Stout

CLOUT with Lexi Stout

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Valeria Lipovetsky: Social Media Mogul
July 16, 2020

Lexi talks to Valeria Lipovetsky about her life as a social media mogul and how her mental health is more important than anything. Valeria shares advice on life and business for you to use if you're an inspiring social media influencer. @valerialipovetsk

Broadway Star Desi Oakley
July 08, 2020

During this weeks episode, Desi Oakley chats with Lexi about what it was like growing up in the Midwest, how her grandmother influenced her musical theater career and the step by step process of being flown to London last minute to make her West End debut

Sophia Hutchins: CEO of lumasol
July 02, 2020

Founder and CEO of lumasol, Sophia Hutchens, chats with Lexi about becoming a CEO at 23, the truth about her and Caitlyn Jenner and how important SPF is! @hutchins_sophia --- Support this podcast:

Tim MacKay: Celebrity Makeup Artist
June 25, 2020

Makeup artist, Tim MacKay, shares how he got started as a makeup artist with zero experience, which celeb is the worst to work with and how important it is to not only make people look like a million bucks but also feel like a million bucks. @timmackaybea

Sarah Belle Elizabeth
May 28, 2020

Lexi talks with Sarah about how creating a Youtube channel at such a young age changed her life, what her day to day looks like, interior design and why drinking four loko is STILL a good idea. @sarahbelle

Jill Kargman: Writing, Acting & Swinging Left
May 21, 2020

Jill Kargman, writer and creator of Bravo's first scripted comedy "Odd Mom Out" chats with Lexi about why she didn't pursue acting right after school, what it's like not fitting in on the Upper East Side and how to help "swing left" when you live in a swi

Quarantine Life with Marta Pozzan
May 07, 2020

Lexi chats with Marta Pozzan about how she is staying busy during quarantine, how she manages her money and what new movie she is in!  @martapozzan  --- Support this podcast:

How Model Maxey Greene Found Success
April 30, 2020

Fashion expert and model, Maxey Greene, shares with us how she found her success in the plus size industry.  @maxeygreene  --- Support this podcast:

Serena Fucking Kerrigan
April 23, 2020

On this episode, Lexi is joined by confidence queen, Serena Kerrigan. Serena left her job at Refinery 29 to create her own brand and she's really fucking good at it. She's all about sex positivity, women empowerment and is currently looking for her quaran

Ashley Longshore: Artrepreneur
April 23, 2020

On this episode of CLOUT with Lexi Stout, Lexi learns that sucking dick for a living was not how Ashley Longshore wanted to make a living. Ashley shares what her first paintings were, what she did with her first hard earned cashflow and how she found her