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Cloudbase Mayhem Podcast

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Episode 134- Martin Henry and a lifelong pursuit
December 17, 2020

Need a good laugh? Kick back and listen to Martin Henry, a Canadian Hang glider and paraglider who has been chasing free flight for almost 50 years tell some really fun stories. Get on board as we travel around the world, learn how to thermal,

Episode 133- Malin Lobb and Wing Control
December 05, 2020

Malin Lobb is the co-owner of Flyeo paragliding in Annecy with Fabien Blanco. He was one of the founders of the British Racing Academy, is a keen world cup comp pilot and an experienced SIV and paragliding instructor.

Episode 132- Bastienne Wentzel and the Beginner’s Guide to Paragliding
November 18, 2020

Bastienne Wentzel is a professional science writer, editor of Lift magazine and assistant pilot instructor based in the Netherlands. A few years ago she became frustrated with the lack of comprehensive, correct information available for newer pilots tr...

Episode 131- Ferdinand Van Shelven takes on his 5th X-Alps
November 05, 2020

Ferdinand (aka "Ferdy") Van Shelven, "The Flying Dutchman" is returning for his 5th Red Bull X-Alps this June. Ferdy has been in the top 7 in all of his previous 4 campaigns from 2011 to 2017. How has a pilot from the flatlands of the Netherlands becom...

Episode 130- Instruments and chasing beauty with Koni Schafroth
October 22, 2020

Koni Schafroth has been flying over 30 years, but you're not going to find him chasing distance and trying to win XContest. Koni pursues free flight for the beauty and tapping into the incredible emotion that flying provides.

Episode 129- Piedrahita, Wild Stories, Accident hindsights and more with Steve Ham
October 09, 2020

Steve Ham's fascination with flying began with hang gliders in 1981, which subsequently ended any attempt at a serious career path. In 1991 Steve discovered Piedrahita in Spain and began a crusade to put the site on the world map for flying and competi...

Episode 128- Ari in the Air and the philosophy of flight
September 25, 2020

In this entertaining and thought-provoking podcast with Ari Delashmutt, a big mountain skier, world-record highliner, paraglider, film maker, and pursuer of the absurd we take on what is sometimes the hardest question of all. Why?

Episode 127- Hypoxia, Cold, Accident and Reserve Studies and more with Dr. Matt Wilkes
September 10, 2020

ER and Critical Care physician and paragliding hound Matt Wilkes returns to the Mayhem to share the takeaways from several large studies he's been involved with since his last talk three years ago on hypoxia and cold; the most comprehensive study done ...

Episode 126- An oldie but goodie with the legend Pal Takats
August 29, 2020

This week we're doing our first "rerun" as Gavin is in the field deep in remote Nevada on a major SAR effort to find our good friend James "Kiwi" Johnson, who was recently on the show. We will get caught up with new shows on schedule soon.

Episode 125- Breaking the Asian Record with Soheil Barikani
August 17, 2020

On the 2nd of August the summer of records continued when Iranian world cup pilot and instructor Soheil Barikani flew his Gin Boom 11 nearly across the width of Iran 430km, a new Asian free distance record.