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Lesson 106: Teaching Young Entrepreneurs
December 28, 2023

[Opening music fades out]Host: "Welcome back to the Cleverly Changing Podcast. I'm your host, Elle Cole. Mom of two twin daughters. Today, we're diving deep into a topic that ignites creativity and innovation: guiding our youth to become successful entrep

Lesson 105 Homeschooling and artificial intelligence
December 13, 2023

[INTRO MUSIC]HOST (Elle Cole):Welcome to the Cleverly Changing Podcast, where we explore the world of homeschooling, parenting, and education. Im your host, Elle Cole, and today were diving into the fascinating realm of artificial intelligence in homes

504 Plan Check Up Lesson 104
December 06, 2023

IntroductionIn this episode of the Cleverly Changing Podcast, host Elle Cole delves into the vital role of 504 plans in supporting children with health conditions in educational settings. Drawing from personal experiences as a mother of a child facing bot

125 Things To Do With Your Kids During Holiday Break
November 27, 2023

Episode Summary:Join us for a festive episode as we explore a myriad of exciting activities to make this holiday season truly special for your family. In this episode of the Cleverly Changing Podcast, we dive into 125 fantastic things you can do with your

Lesson 102 Teaching Kids about Sexuality with Dr. Candice Nicole
November 20, 2023

Listener Discretion Advised: This episode contains discussions on sensitive topics regarding Black women's sexuality and societal labels. Please be advised of potentially mature content.Episode Summary:In Season 5 Episode 102 of Cleverly Changing, hosts E

Lesson 101: Eytomology Rules with Brittany Selah Lee-Bey
November 13, 2023

The Cleverly Changing Podcast is your guide to innovative education. In this episode, we welcome Brittany Selah Lee-Bey, an educator, reading specialist, and the creative mind behind "EtymologyRules: Back to Basics" and The EtymologyRules Show. While divi

Paying for College Lesson 100
April 17, 2023

Our latest Cleverly Changing Podcast episode discusses paying for college and how early families should start. Brad Baldridge is a college funding specialist who worked with thousands of families to help them plan and save for college. He is the host of t

Inexpensive Homeschool Resources Lesson 99
April 09, 2023

EPISODE TRANSCRIPTSpeaker1: [00:00:09] Elle and Miriam are two Black homeschooling moms embarking on a self-defining journey. Listen in on conversations that will encourage you to be your authentic self while uplifting your spirit and motivating your inhe

Homeschool Planning: Calendars, Contacts, and Passwords Lesson 98
March 13, 2023

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From Teacher to Publisher Lesson 97
February 20, 2023

Maria Dismondy is the founder of the publishing company Cardinal Rule Press. She inspires and educates others in the book industry. She shared insight on the Cleverly Changing Podcast, letting us know about her life as a publisher in Michigan after being