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Why Bad Things Happen to Good People
June 08, 2024

Pain is a shared human experience that gets our attention. Join us this Sunday as we talk why bad things happen to good people.

Five for 5
June 08, 2024

Five for 5 is back with a whole new lineup! Listen to five different communicators each speak for five minutes. We have an amazing encouraging word for you this Sunday!

Dusty Roads: The Power of the Holy Spirit
June 08, 2024

How do you allow the Holy Spirit to guide your Christian walk? This Sunday, Pastor Matt dives into the transformative power of the Holy Spirit in your life.

Dusty Roads: Final Words
May 22, 2024

We often pay close attention to someone's last words due to the weight they carry. In today's message, we study some of the last words of Jesus and how he defines our lives as Christians.

Dusty Roads: The Restoration of Peter
May 09, 2024

The heart of God is never to reject you when you mess up. As we hop back into our Dusty Roads series, listen in for a message on the restoration of Peter and how God desires to restore you through his grace.

Make Room
May 03, 2024

Guest speaker, Pastor Rebecca Germain, is in the house this Sunday! Listen in as she talks about making room for God and serving him with our best.

Dusty Roads: What did Jesus say about Hell?
April 10, 2024

As we continue talking the teachings of Jesus, this Sunday, we dive into the more sobering topic of hell. Tune in to hear what Jesus says in his word about hell and how we as believers can healthily respond to the word of God.

Dusty Roads: Easter Sunday
April 03, 2024

He is risen indeed! Let's celebrate Easter together with a powerful word on the death and resurrection of Christ and what that means for you today!

Dusty Roads: Palm Sunday
March 26, 2024

The kingdom of God is at hand and at work in our daily lives. As we continue our series on the life and ministry of Jesus, we celebrate Palm Sunday by examining what the kingdom of God means for us today.

Dusty Roads: The Gospel of All Time
March 20, 2024

Most of Jesus' teachings boil down to this question: How is your relationship with your Heavenly Father? In this Sunday's message, we delve into the message of salvation.