Circular Economy Podcast

Circular Economy Podcast

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Episode 50 – Thinking differently
April 03, 2021

In this season, we’ve featured another 9 amazing, talented people, helping to make the circular economy happen. Our guests have been from the USA, Chile, Ghana, Spain and the UK. We’ve heard valuable insights, shared by people working in startups,

Episode 49 – Ryan Edwards of Naked Innovations
March 20, 2021

Ryan Edwards is Co-founder of Naked Innovations, an eclectic mix of entrepreneurial “co-creators, fresh-thinkers, disruptors, shakers and provocateurs” that create and connect agrifood ecosystems to re-align the planet, business and people.

Episode 48 – Paraskevi Fotoglou of Camira Fabrics
March 06, 2021

Paraskevi Fotoglou is Sustainability Engineer at Camira Fabrics, a UK textile manufacturing company for task and soft seating. Paraskevi has expertise in circular economy projects and innovative design ideas.

Episode 47 Joanna Bingham of Footprints Africa
February 20, 2021

Joanna Bingham, the founding CEO of Footprints Africa, is focussed on using the circular economy to support sustainable, scalable and inclusive approaches to development of local African economies. Joanna is also a founding partner of the CE360 Allianc...

Episode 46 Gary Giles – OGEL
February 06, 2021

Gary Giles is another entrepreneur inspired by the circular economy. Gary set up his company, OGEL, to use a material that is quite difficult to recycle and very bulky, so transporting it to be recycled is expensive.

Episode 45 Peter Desmond African Circular Economy Network
January 23, 2021

Peter is a circular economy coach, workshop facilitator and strategic advisor, and cofounder of the African Circular Economy Network. He helps businesses find circular opportunities, create a compelling business case, and broaden their networks.

Episode 44 Tamsin Chislett of Onloan
January 09, 2021

Catherine Weetman talks to Tamsin Chislett, cofounder of fashion subscription startup Onloan, which has grown strongly this year despite lockdown. Onloan is a bit different to other UK fashion rental options because it partners directly with top contem...

Episode 43 Richard James MacCowan of Biomimicry Innovation Lab
December 19, 2020

Richard is the Founder and Creative Director of the Biomimicry Innovation Lab, with a mission to inspire and share how the natural world can deliver unique solutions by radically reducing the need for resources.

Episode 42 – Brian Bauer of Algramo
December 05, 2020

Brian Bauer explores how we can use circular approaches for plastic packaging, so we get the benefits of plastic, without the impacts of mismanaged plastic waste. Brian works with Algramo, a Chilean startup that refills product by the gram from vending...

Episode 41 Sandra Goldmark – Fixup and Fixation
November 21, 2020

“Have good stuff, not too much, mostly reclaimed, care for it, pass it on”. Catherine Weetman talks to Sandra Goldmark in the United States. Sandra is a designer, teacher, and entrepreneur whose work focuses on circular economy solutions to overconsump...