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187. No One Knows Your Name; Let's Change That with Jennifer Magley
June 05, 2024

Jennifer Magley is Chief Brand Officer for The Basketball League Listen to CCS episode 187 where you'll hear Jennifer tell us about How growing up in a household of a professional athlete prepa

186. The Voice of the Colts with Matt Taylor
May 22, 2024

Matt Taylor is Manager of Radio Production and The Voice of the Indianapolis Colts Listen to CCS episode 186 where you'll hear Matt tell us about How he got his start in radio at Franklin Colle

185. Orr Fellowship with Steven Emch
May 08, 2024

Steven Emch is the President of Orr Fellowship Listen to CCS episode 185 where you'll hear Steve tell us about The value of attitude on life, career, and people and the perspective of having a

Special Release Episode Promoting Rev Indy May 4th with Carol Howard
April 24, 2024

Carol Howard is the Executive Director of Rev Indy Listen to this promo release episode where you'll hear Carol tell us about Rev Indy on May 4th brings together food, fun, and a night of celebr

184. Exploradoor with Caroline Abeleda
April 10, 2024

Caroline Abeleda is the Co-Founder of Exploradoor Listen to CCS episode 184 where you'll hear Caroline tell us about The value of networking and making connections and how you never know where

Special episode release promoting the Broadway concert "The Trouble with Dead Boyfriends" April 20 at The Tobias Theatre in Indianapolis
April 04, 2024

Joel Kirk is the CEO and Founder of Discovering Broadway Listen to this special episode release where you'll hear Joel tell us about Discovering Broadway will present the Broadway concert ofThe

183. The World's Largest Children's Museum with Jennifer Pace Robinson
March 13, 2024

Jennifer Pace Robinson is the President and CEO of The Children's Museum of Indianapolis Listen to CCS episode 183 where you'll hear Jennifer tell us about How she wanted to be a Disney Imagine

182. Product Management, Innovation, Start Ups, and Venture Capital Come Together with Nida Ansari
February 21, 2024

Nida Ansari is the Founder and CEO of Karmic Partners and CIO of 16 Tech Innovation District Listen to CCS episode 182 where you'll hear Nida tell us about How coming to the United States while

181. Indy Fuel Hockey and Fishers Freight Indoor Football with Larry McQueary
February 08, 2024

Larry McQueary is the President and CEO of Indy Fuel and Fishers Freight. Listen to CCS episode 181 where you'll hear Larry tell us about How an internship in college at WZPL landed his fir

180. The HandleBar Hangar Indy with Stephen Lindsay and Brian Lindsay
January 24, 2024

Stephen Lindsay and Brian Lindsay are Co-Owners of The HandleBar Hangar Indy Listen to CCS episode 180 where you'll hear Stephen and Brian tell us about How they each learned important lessons a