Cinematic Triple Threat

Cinematic Triple Threat

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CTT Episode 6: Take Me Out to the Ballgame
March 31, 2019

With baseball season kicking off, Dan Peck joins Chris O'Mealy to review three films about the Great American Pass Time. On the list are Bull Durham, Rookie of the Year, and 61*. Three distinct films but all serving their purpose well.

Cinematic Triple Threat Episode 5: Musical Biopics
March 18, 2019

Chris O'Mealy and Dan Peck review three excellent musical biopictures chronicling the lives of Freddie Mercury & his band, Queen, the NWA rap group, and the life of Ray Charles. Picking a winner was very difficult, but they managed to do it!

Cinematic Triple Threat Episode 4: Back to the Future
March 01, 2019

One of the greatest film trilogies of all time is reviewed in the latest episode. Chris O'Mealy and Dan Peck discuss the trilogy, what they liked and didn't like about it, and pick which one is the best.

Cinematic Triple Threat: Romantic Comedies (2/15/19)
February 15, 2019

With love in the air for February, Chris O'Mealy and Dan Peck tackle three classic films in the romantic comedy genre for Valentine's Day...and in this case, Groundhog Day as well.

Cinematic Triple Threat: Classic Film Triple Threat (1/30/19)
January 30, 2019

Three of cinema's greatest movies of all time do battle in this edition of the Cinematic Triple Threat! Chris O'Mealy is joined by his Club Kayfabe WrestleTalk co-host Dan Peck and his amazing wife Shannon to discuss Gone With The Wind, The Wizard of...

Cinematic Triple Threat: The Original Star Wars Trilogy (1/15/19)
January 15, 2019

Chris O'Mealy debuts an all new podcast, pitting the three films of the original Star Wars trilogy up against each other. Joined by Club Kayfabe WrestleTalk co-host Dan Pen and Cinefan Podcast host Jeff Trelewicz, Chris discussess the movies and their...