Cinema Under The Stairs

Cinema Under The Stairs

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24 - Oscar Specialish
March 08, 2023

Rance and Steve get together to talk about this year's Oscar nominations because Rance actually likes films and because he has gathered a substantial dossier of kompromat on Steve. The others didn't even turn up. Maybe they're dead. Maybe Rance killed the

23 - We're Back Again!
February 03, 2023

After an undefined period of time, four of our favourite CUTS crew members have found their way back from the wilderness and into the mossy haven of Wazza's shed. The gentle tweets of the Blue Tits are cut through with the squawks of Crows from high up ab

22 - Speed
February 13, 2022

"Keanu Reeves vehicle bombs" could describe a number of his early movies but it's also the plot of the film that put the BUS in Blockbuster (then ramped it off a bridge and into a plane full of explosives) - Jan de Bont's 1995 amphetamine fuelled action c

21 - The Lost Boys
January 28, 2022

Sal, Rance, Wazza, Joe, Jimbo and Steve are back! Except without Rance, Joe and Jimbo! The good ones turned up though and we talked about Steve's first choice for CUTS: the legendary 1987 sexy teen vampire black comedy horror music video, Joel Schumacher'

20 - Shocktober - Rance meets Edward Parnell
October 30, 2021

Shocktober 2021, Oxford's smash-hit horror festival draws to a close for another year. We'll be bringing you a full CUTS squad round up of the event shortly but as an appetiser, here's Rance talking to one of his favourite modern writers, Edward Parnell,

19 - Top Secret!
June 10, 2021

The first film of the new dawn of CUTS was Top Secret! Our beloved audience arrived, compelled by curiosity, filing in to the Tap Social, desperate to discover the identity of the mystery film. We could only repeat that it was Top Secret! Maddened by frus

18 - We're Back!
May 20, 2021

For months, we've been looking at each other through rectangles like that guy in Midnight Express when his girlfriend visits and Sal unbuttons his shirt and cries a bit while Steve gropes the glass and starts desperatBUT NOT ANYMORE! Finally, thanks to sc

17 - Rockers - Lockdown Special
March 28, 2021

Horsemouth: "I-man serve Selassie I continually. No matter what the weak heart say. And I know that I & I is like a tree, plant by the river of water, and not even the dog that piss against the wall of Babylon shall escape this judgment. For I & I

16 - Justice League: The Snyder Cut - Lockdown Special
March 20, 2021

Rance has found himself at Her Majesty's pleasure after his sausage slinging scheme went south. Worse still, he's been subjected to a modern day version of the Ludovico Technique in a pointless attempt to prepare him for civil society. Let's listen in on

15 - Robocop - Lockdown Special
March 12, 2021

Hello You! Because we just can't help ourselves, we've done another Lockdown Special. For this one Sal and new boy Steve are getting overexcited about one of their favourite films; a touching love story about a young policeman, his large automatic pistol