Cincy Brewcast

Cincy Brewcast

Volume 5, Episode 21 - Braxton, From The Rooftop To The Barrelhouse, Oktoberfest to Seltzer, Democratizing Craft.

August 05, 2019

Braxton has been on fire this year, and not just because they’re making some great beer. They’ve made some huge moves by announcing their rooftop at their main location, announced their third taproom and barrel aging facility, kicked off one of their extremely popular hard seltzer line... and it’s all part of this drive to find the middle ground of what craft beer is.

We took a peek behind the curtain of how you manage so many spinning plates at once with their Co-Founder Jake Rouse. He explains how you guide a ship that keeps growing exponentially, while managing to keep every aspect of who you are true to the bigger picture.

It wouldn’t be any fun if we didn’t press him for some hints at what’s coming up for Braxton fans in the near future, and while he was pretty tight lipped - we got a good idea that they aren’t done yet.

I’m endlessly fascinated by who Braxton is, and who they hope to become. Finding ways to make it all fit together like a big puzzle is great to watch, and I hope that you get a little peek of that in this episode.

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Jake Rouse - Braxton Brewing Company

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Braxton - Oktober Fuel

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