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Episode 343: You Can’t be Grumpy Here – Local Spotlight: Grumpy’s Cigars & Lounge; Hudson, NH
June 10, 2024

The Hacks drop in to Grumpys Cigars & Lounge for the Rocky Patel Cigars Event. We are joined by Mike the Cop and Walter from Grumpys. A new hack is sworn in and with enough clues the Hidden Herf is

Episode 342: Crickets and Phone Calls – Local Spotlight: Cigar Raffles
June 03, 2024

We are back at the firepit with a cast of what seems like a dozen. Comedy Chris and a mystery guest drop by and then phones start ringing. The Hidden Herf is almost pegged. Local Spotlight Cigar Raf

Episode 341: You Can’t Say That – Local Spotlight: Plaistow Cigar Co; Plaistow, NH
May 27, 2024

Its the Memorial Day episode so we do a little extra for those who made the sacrifice. Its a full house of Hacks with a couple of participants in the peanut gallery. The Hidden Herf is an interestin

Episode 340: Buttered Meat – Local Spotlight: The First Firepit of 2024
May 20, 2024

After watching the Bruins get eliminated on the big screen by the firepit we load in a few more logs to keep the panel warm. We have a guest who was an impromptu call-in a few weeks back. The hidden h

Episode 339: Celtics Pre-Game – Local Spotlight: The Tobacco Shack; Rowley, MA
May 13, 2024

It is playoff season so we are at The Tobacco Shack for the Celtics game. The Hidden Herf is another Florida find from Nurse Rick, it gets a decent rating. Local Spotlight The Tobacco Shack; Rowley,

Episode 338: The Cigar Bar Tenders Special – Local Spotlight: Castro’s, Twins, and Grumpy’s
May 06, 2024

Bar tenders from three of our favorite cigar bars get together with us this week as we talk cocktail trivia and cigar pairings. This is one of our more creative episodes as we demonstrate how the New

Episode 337: Saturday Night in Nashua – Local Spotlight: Castro’s Back Room; Nashua, NH
April 29, 2024

For two weeks in a row we record on an off day. This week we head to the upstairs at Castros in Nashua for a conference room style sit-down. We have a call in from Brady of La Rosa Negra Cigars. The

Episode 336: Have a Grumpier Day – Local Spotlight: Grumpy’s Cigars & Lounge; Hudson, NH
April 22, 2024

We find ourselves at Grumpys this week to find out whats new and why things are more grumpy than before. Its more than just the cigars. The Hidden Herf is a good one, but someone was paying attenti

Episode 335: 3Leaf Masters w/Erik Wentworth – Local Spotlight: Plaistow Cigar Co; Plaistow, NH
April 15, 2024

Its the annual Masters Weekend at Plaistow Cigar, but this year its with the new brand: 3Leaf Cigars. The Charcuterie pairing is a hit and enhances the Hidden Herf rating. We learn about the 3Leaf C

Episode 334: “In the Pink” Surprise – Local Spotlight: Castro’s Back Room; Manchester, NH
April 08, 2024

This episode starts out like any other, but just as we we get the Hidden Herf going we are thrown a curve-ball and have to switch cigars. Two Hidden Herfs perhaps? We drag a few people in from the lou