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Christian Financial Perspectives

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96 – 21 Costly Financial Mistakes People Make
April 05, 2021

Unfortunately, many of us have fallen prey to common financial mistakes, but it doesn’t have to be that way. There are so many that are easily avoidable if you know what to look for. This episode breaks down 21 of the most common financial mistakes tha...

95 – 10 Principles of Biblical Generosity
March 23, 2021

Are you someone who gives your finances and your time out of a cheerful heart, or is it something you feel obligated to do? This episode discusses what the Bible says about the importance of giving generously.

94 – Location No Longer Matters
March 05, 2021

Why having a financial advisor in a different state isn't a big deal anymore.

93 – Dealing with Investment Uncertainty
February 02, 2021

Bob addresses some of the most recent events that may affect the market.

92 – 21 Financial Scriptures to live by in 2021
January 15, 2021

Bob and Bailey read and discuss 21 of Bob’s favorite stewardship verses that are a great way to start 2021 off right when it comes to your financial decisions. Did you know that the Bible contains over 1500 scriptures that have to do with money,

91 – Setting Goals and Living Life with Purpose in 2021
January 05, 2021

Personal and financial goal ideas to help you find purpose in 2021

90 – Charitable Giving Strategies Using Non Cash Assets
December 22, 2020

Tis the season for giving, so what better way to celebrate the giving spirit of Christmas than to learn how to give better and more efficiently. In this podcast, Bob covers the most efficient ways to give using the other 90% of what’s in non-cash asset...

89 – Traits to Look for in a Financial Advisor
December 05, 2020

Bob and Bailey cover many of the traits you should look for when choosing a financial advisor.

88 – Which Investment Models Are Right For You
November 20, 2020

We encourage you to listen to episode 87 on “Understanding Investment Risk” before delving into this episode on “Which Investment Models Are Right For You”. Bob discusses how these risks play into picking an investment model(s) to build a complete port...

87 – Understanding Investment Risk
November 06, 2020

Life is full of risk. Everytime we get into a car, move to a different city, get on a plane, or start a new job, there is a RISK, and the list goes on and on. What if the human race decided to never take any risks?