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The Christian Foundry Podcast

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Biblical Stewardship
September 06, 2022

Anytime we hear the word stewardship out mind goes directly to money. Biblical Stewardship encompasses so much more than money. On this episode the guys break down what Biblical Stewardship looks like in the lives of believers.#stewardship #christian

Pastor Appreciation?
August 29, 2022

We recently heard a pastor in Kansas City berate his church members because they haven't gotten him a certain kind of watch that he asked for a year ago. This caused us to begin to think about pastor appreciation month coming up in October, so we discusse

Politics in the Pulpit
August 22, 2022

There is no lack of political interest in our nation, but how much of those politics should come out of the pulpits in our Churches pulpits? Should we promote candidates? Should we engage in political language from the pulpit? Should we talk about it at a

Primary Doctrines: The Return of Christ
July 20, 2022

We are beginning to wind down our series through the primary doctrines. On this episode we talk about the sure coming of Christ at His second

Primary Doctrines: The Resurrection
July 20, 2022

On this episode we will continue to talk through the primary doctrines that every Christian must believe. Today we will be talking about the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. If Christ hadn't resurrected, we of all should be pitied. Take a listen to this ep

Primary Doctrines: Salvation by Grace
July 03, 2022

As we continue our series through the primary doctrines, we come to another doctrine that is often taken out of context or misrepresented altogether, and that is salvation by grace through faith.Join us as we continue our journey through the primary doc

The Hypostatic Union
June 27, 2022

We continue through the primary doctrines of Scripture with the Hypostatic Union. When we think about the Hypostatic Union we have to understand that Jesus was fully God and fully man. #doctri

Primary Doctrines: The Deity of Christ
June 20, 2022

We continue our episodes through the primary doctrines of Scripture that we believe all Christians must believe. Tonight's episode is the Deity of Christ! #Christ #ChristAlone

Primary Doctrines: The Virgin Birth
June 13, 2022

We are continuing our series on primary doctrines that every believer must believe. There should be no debate to these doctrines. Today, we will be discussing the Virgin Birth. This is a doctrine that has been denied, but is one that the Word of God tel

The Doctrine of Sin
June 07, 2022

On This Episode, the guys discuss the doctrine of sin and why it is part of the foundational beliefs of Christianity.Plus, they also teach you about the Arkansas Turn Signal. Confused? Tune in.