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Chris Waite's Anishnaabe History Podcast

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Fort Stanwix, 1758
April 30, 2024

This fort, and related treaty, is referenced in later treaties. Why? References

Mississauga Treaties of 1820
March 31, 2024

Land "purchases" made around the Credit River region.References: have discovered a mystery at

Saginaw/Chippewa Treaty of 1819
February 29, 2024

References Act 1774, J.M., ed. (1969). The Opening of the West. Harper & Row, New York.

The Anglo-American Convention of 1818
January 31, 2024

Who was involved in the creation of the Canada-USA International Border?ReferencesTreaty of 1818 - WikipediaAlbert Gallatin - WikipediaUnited States House Committee on Ways and Means - WikipediaRichard Rush - Wikipedia

John Deere, 1836
December 31, 2023

His name is synonymous with "hard work" and "ingenuity." But what did it take for him to be successful in Illinois?References:

Looking for People in the Snow
November 30, 2023

ReferencesMcNeilly, G. (2018). Broken Trust: Indigenous People and the Thunder Bay Police Service. Systemic Review. Retrieved from, J. (2015). Deep Water. Audio Document

How Early Treaties Relate to Later Treaties and Modern North America
October 30, 2023

Why do we discuss treaties so much? It's because knowing the treaties helps us to understand what was happening at the time and how it relates to modern boundaries and politics. References

Truth and Reconciliation 2023
September 29, 2023

Why do we have "Truth and Reconciliation Day"?Sol Mamakwa -> News Radio -> https://www.rock94.comSupport the Show.

Turtle Island 1814-1830
May 31, 2023

After the War of 1812 and before the Trail of Tears. What happened?ReferencesSkeen, C Edward. (2003). 1816: America Rising. University Press of Kentucky.

Treaty No.9 Lawsuit
April 29, 2023

Why is there a claim and why is it worth $95 Billion?References PM Justin Trudeau on Bank