Choppin' It Up (with NDR and JED)

Choppin' It Up (with NDR and JED)

Latest Episodes

EP07 - The One Time We Almost Died
March 12, 2019

NDR and JED discuss how the Choppin' It Up theme song came about, The Jonas Brothers and their random, but triumphant return, our thoughts on their new single "Sucker", who our favorite Jonas Brother was, what our zodiac signs say about us and some ...

EP06 - How Do We Reach These Kids?
March 06, 2019

NDR and JED discuss the Apple vs. Android rivalry, their career day experience at a local high school, a condensed version of what they presented to the students on career day, why this current generation of kids often shy away from opportunities of...

EP05 - My Super Power is Being a D!ck
February 26, 2019

NDR and JED (Mostly JED) discuss their love for wrestling, LOVECLUB founder Coen Clement's first crack at a streetwear brand, the three types of individuals when it comes to creation, how individuals have a newfound appreciation for their h...

EP04 - We Love High School (Musical)
February 19, 2019

NDR and JED discuss their love High School and High School Musical, the pros and cons of being tall, how height in China influences one's success, how the GATE (Gifted and Talented Education) program sets students up for life, how being an artist af...

EP03 - Why I'm Not On Social Media
February 12, 2019

NDR and JED discuss social media's influence in everyday life, thoughts on gender neutrality, crime in the community, conspiracy theories, favorite local bands and what it takes for artists to get their career to the next level. All of this and more...

EP02 - How Theater Taught Me Film
February 05, 2019

NDR and JED discuss the Leon Guererro Tenorio gubernatorial campaign, JED's sailor mouth at the biggest music festival in the Pacific, how nepotism affects the job industry, how businesses expect unrealistic turnaround times, the importance of being...

EP01 - What is Project: Inspire? (Pilot)
January 28, 2019

NDR and JED kick off the first installment of the podcast with introductions and what they are about. They dive deep in the roots of Project: Inspire, a creative collective based in Guam that focuses on film, music, dance and other mediums of art. W...