Chocolate On The Road

Chocolate On The Road

Ep. 16: Vietnam

October 02, 2019

Many people still think of Vietnam in terms of its contentious civil war, back in the 60’s and 70’s. But while the war has certainly left its mark, for chocolate lovers Vietnam has become one of the best-known cacao origins in Asia. Many small batch craft chocolate makers keep a Vietnamese bean in their lineup of cacaos. But with over a dozen chocolate makers popping up in Vietnam over the years, where does that leave local chocolate makers?

In this episode, we talk to 3 players in very different positions in the Vietnamese chocolate & cacao industry. Each of them has forged a unique role for themselves, from farmer to chocolate maker to industry leader; and those roles are changing every day. Cacao from Vietnam is slowly earning itself a place in history, while also possibly working its way towards extinction.

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