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Podcast 04 – Dan Rogatschnig
February 22, 2019

Dan is a friend of mine who I always enjoyed working with. I wanted to interview him to get to the bottom of his LinkedIn bio which reads: "Thinking in curved lines of interdependence rather than straight lines of causality". A chat about systems thinking

Podcast 03 – Rachel Browning
February 14, 2019

Rachel bravely moved away from her friends and family in Cape Town (in part) for love. Denmark is very different to South Africa. Even if her motives for the move were romantic, travel and moving city is sometimes a lot harder than you think. We had a gre

Podcast 02 – Duncan Macduff
February 08, 2019

Duncan Macduff has created a space for his family to connect with each other and with nature. What started as a passion of his has become so much more. This episode is a catch up with Duncan after a talk he gave during one of Adept Advisory's "making expe

Podcast 01 – Carlos Amato
February 01, 2019

Welcome to my first podcast episode! I have organised 4 episodes to be released each Friday for a month, starting today. Some links to the brilliant Carlos: I hope you enjoy our chat!