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Brocs VibeSesh

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Crig's Rant Turns Into Rage!!/Crazy Ghost Stories!!
December 29, 2020

Whats up guys i hope you loved the episode i thank everyone one of you every support matters and counts cant wait to get the next episode out to you guys!! Follow my Twitter: @SlimSakurai||insta: @slim_sakurai||Twitch: @SlimSakurai||

December 17, 2020

Hey guys hope you enjoyed episode 2 we thank you guys very much for every view love every single one of you episode 3 will be out later on Thursday and episode 4 will be up friday morning at 4am possibly!!||Twitter: @SlimSakurai||Twitch:slimsakurai||Insta

Cheech and The New Guys Get High and Talk about Whats New In Gaming!!(Spoiler Alert!!)
December 16, 2020

Hey guys whats up welcome back for season 2 this here is episode 1 i hope you all enjoy the start of a new adventure i hope to upload episode 2 today as well it will be the start of a new thing every week! Love Y'all Always Deuces

December 03, 2020

Hey guys i know its been a while but we are back with a whole new season tune in for this bonus episode to fine out more on whats going sorry for the mic i was using my airpods for a quick bonus video!! Twitter: SlimSakurai insta: slim_sakurai Tw

December 11, 2019

Nonsense, New season coming soon, sorry for the wait stay tuned!

Cheech and Diddy go on a L cruise
February 19, 2019

Hey guys we just wanted to do another podcast because we missed 2 weeks sorry about that but we wont miss you guys next week i promise well dont hold me on that but we will make it im very high right now during this description but i hope you all enjoy lo

Come Chill and Talk with us and a new guest
February 15, 2019

What is goin on you wonderful people welcome back to another podcast sorry we missed last weed we kinda got busy but this time for sure we will make it a every week thing love yall stay up my friends

Come Chill have fun (Daily High Talk)
January 30, 2019

Welcome back to another podcast we hope you guys enjoy we made a decision to make podcasts every week we love you guys, have a good one!

First podcast come join us and have some fun
January 26, 2019

Come join us have some fun enjoy us being stupid lmaoo