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Bibliobanter - National Library Workers Day
April 09, 2024

Today Adam and Lexi are joined by several people.   Bringing attention to different workers in libraries for National Library Workers Day, the duo hear stories that will make you laugh, make you aww,

Bibliobanter - Fun Library Facts for Reading Month
March 18, 2024

We are just a little over halfway through Reading Month, and we have a bunch of facts to share with you regarding libraries. Adam and Lexi get long winded. Adam laments the passing of Akira Toriyama.

Bibliobanter - New Year Check In Podcast
February 02, 2024

2023 is over and 2024 is here. Adam and Lexi get started on the right foot. Well, Lexi does. Adam like a fool gave the wrong hours for Friday and Saturday in the DREAM Lab. ITS 1-4 THOSE DAYS, PAST

Bibliobanter - Legends and Lattes Review
December 16, 2023

We got a cozy one for ya today. Adam and Lexi review Legends and Lattes by Travis Baldree. A charming story about a retired lady orc adventurer setting up a small coffee shop in a fantasy village.

Bookstore Interview - Coreander’s Children’s Bookshoppe
December 08, 2023

Lexi and Adam are out once again interviewing bookstores about their goings on and stop in the some might say, downright magical realm of Coreander's Children's Bookshoppe. They delight in the atmosph

Bookstore Interview - Shaw’s Books
December 08, 2023

Lexi and Adam make one final bookstore trek to Shaw's Books in Grosse Pointe Park. Shaw's is a used and rare book store that is tight and windy and run by just the nicest gentleman, Hank. Hank tells u

Bookstore Interview - Flyleaf
November 30, 2023

Adam and Lexi again reach out to another bookstore for an interview. This time with the new bookstore and restaurant, Flyleaf. Here they interview Lani who is the manager and get to know a bit abou

Bookstore Interview - Next Chapter Books
November 22, 2023

Adam and Lexi take to one of the local bookstores this episode. Join them as they interview Jay and Sarah, the owners of Next chapter The owners are charming and delightful people. Their store speci

Interview with Rufus McGaugh
November 21, 2023

This episode of Bibliobanter, Adam isn't quite taking a solo trip. While Lexi is gone, Adam brought on for an interview, The Man, The Myth, The Legend, Rufus McGaugh. For those not in the know, Ruf

Short Stacks - Grateful Media
November 15, 2023

Hey hey everyone, we now have a name! Welcome to Bibliobanter. Today Lexi and Adam discuss books and media for which they are grateful. We also learn that Adam secretly has a taste for garbage me