Chats with Artists in Lockdown

Chats with Artists in Lockdown

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Chat with Luke Routledge
August 03, 2021

Luke Routledge is primarily a sculptor though his practise encompasses painting, drawing, illustration, writing and video making. In this episode, Luke and I talk about the 'in the middle' feeling that we are both in at the moment, in the early/mid stages

Chat with Brian Alfred
July 27, 2021

In this episode I talk to Brian Alfred. Brian Alfred is an artist, podcaster, educator and curator based out of Brooklyn, working in painting, drawing, collage and animation. He is also the host of  SOUND & VISION one of the top visual arts podca

Chat with Harriet Hill
June 20, 2021

Harriet Hill and I chat about her upcoming live art odyssey, Home-ing, getting into what it is, where she will go and how she arrived at this brilliant project. We talk about words as sculpture, making in a domestic setting, endurance and acts of resistan

Chat with Glen Pudvine
April 30, 2021

Glen Pudvine and I talk about being envious of manic energy, working to a deadline and yoyo-ing between being bored and amazed. Glen tells us about using his penis as a pointer to the next painting, referencing his RA degree show and about being naked as

Dean Kenning Chat
March 14, 2021

Dean Kenning and I talk about diagramming, John Latham, gravity and pigeons and get into where his kinetic sculpture began in the first place. We talk about the aesthetics of kinetic art and Dean gets into lucozade bottles and pointless fingers. We discus

Chat with Paloma Proudfoot
January 31, 2021

Paloma Proudfoot and I talk about loving orange, zones in the studio and her brilliant name, (which I am a bit obsessed with). We talk about glazes like icing cake, techniques that give movement and the stress of the process. We talk about clothes pattern

Chat with Jean-Philippe Dordolo
December 31, 2020

Jean-Philippe Dordolo and I chat about feeling tired and in-between and about revolt, anger and doom. We touch on Brexit and anger as a positive emotion. JP talks about getting his hands dirty, introduces the many mediums he straddles and investigates how

Chat with Jane Hayes-Greenwood
November 24, 2020

Jane Hayes-Greenwood and I talk about the impact of lockdown on her practice, and how it has kept the works she's making at a certain scale. Jane talks about being interested in things on the periphery and being drawn towards the anthropomorphic and diffi

Chat with Anna Perach
November 14, 2020

Anna Perach and I talk about an awareness of darkness and adjusting to a lack of sun. Anna tells us about settling into the new Saraband Foundation Studio after 4 years studying for her MA at Goldsmiths. We talk about how she fell in love with tufting. We

Chat with Olivia Bax
October 06, 2020

Olivia Bax and I chat about the weather, the weight of it and the frustration of it, like being the under slanted weather. We talk about her show "Off Grid" at Standpoint Gallery, and the delay caused by Lockdown in March and what this afforded and affect