Changing Mission

Changing Mission

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How the Tribulations in Iraq Are Leading People to Christ
February 27, 2020

A Pastor from Iraq shares how God is being faithful to His people during so many years of war in Mesopotamia, and what we can do to support them.

Faith Without Borders
October 31, 2019

Africa Mission Specialist, Frank Dimmock, shares his experience with the displaced church of South Sudan, and how God is using his education in public health and counseling to help refugees in Ethiopia rebuild hope through faith-based trauma healing progr

A New Springtime for the Church in Egypt
September 27, 2019

Dr. Jeff Ritchie, former Associate Director of Mission for The Outreach Foundation, returns to give us the incredible history of the Christian Church in Egypt, and what God has been doing there recently to renew the Church for its ministry and mission in

The Blossoming Church in China
August 29, 2019

Mission Advocate, Dr. Jeff Ritchie, shares his experience working with The Outreach Foundation's partners in China for 20 years, and how the church has taken root in the cultural soil of China and grown exponentially over the past half-century.

A Trustee's Story
August 08, 2019

Trustee Tom McDow, who is the director of The Outreach Foundation's Development Committee, shares how he came to be involved in the organization, how it has expanded his view of the church, and his perspective on the importance of the Annual Appeal.

Operations That Make Mission Possible
July 25, 2019

Tight Space, a Great Staff, and Work that Earns the Trust of Donors

Pastoring the Pastors
June 27, 2019

Tom Widmer leads a discussion with The Outreach Foundation's Portuguese-Language Ministries Coordinator, Rev. Dr. José Pezini, and Pastor of New Hope Presbyterian Church, Rev. Wesley Porto, about the SARA ministry, which serves Brazilian pastors dealing w

Outreach Through Technology
May 30, 2019

Iranian Ministries Coordinator, Sasan Tavassoli, shares how God is working through satellite and internet broadcast television to reach the growing number of Iranian Christians in their homeland where churches are not allowed, as well as those living in d

Relationships With Global Partners
April 25, 2019

Mission has always been the driving force for Mark Mueller. In his role as the Director of Development for The Outreach Foundation, he is able to use his passion for mission to create strong connections between individuals and churches in the United State

Agents of Hope and Transformation
March 28, 2019

During this time of unrest in Venezuela, churches there have been able to serve their communities as centers for food distribution, nurturing both body and spirit. Associate Director for Mission for The Outreach Foundation, Juan Sarmiento, who is original