C4P 27 - We Need Each Other

May 19, 2017

Show Notes for Podcast 27

“We Need Each Other”

Bible Passages: Acts 1:12-14

Are we really SO Different or are we more the same?
What is your child’s Label? Diagnosis? Struggle?
Are our children so very different or more the same?
Do you know a child with Downs who needs the same kind of therapy as a child with Autism?
Do you know a child diagnosed with ADHD who can benefit from the gifts and talents and personality of a child with CP?

Increase your circle of friends regardless of diagnoses.

A child with Dyslexia could benefit from being friends with a child with high functioning Autism who writes easily.

A child is a child.

We are more the same than we are different, no matter what our issues, capabilities, gifts, concerns.

In fact, a child with even multiple disabilities is more like a typical child than they are not.

A child is a child.

It is NEVER too late. There is always HOPE.

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