C4P 25 - Love Endures and Options

February 27, 2017

Show Notes for Podcast 25 “Love Endures & Options”

Bible Passage: 1 Corinthians 13
Devotional: “The Greatest of these is Love”
Things to Remember:
- Who is God as we raise our children?
- The One who calls us
- The One who equips us.
- The One who cares.
- The One who invites us to lean on Him.

- Our God is the Answer.
- He is sufficient.
- Our Savior is the Resource.
- He deeply cares.

As parents we are bombarded with gazillions of decisions we have to make for our children. As parents of children who have challenges, the decisions for those children can be quite daunting because they are outside our comfort zones and outside our familiarity.

If the fit is not good – keep looking.
Be open to new possibilities.
Re-evaluate and regroup, if necessary.
Tips to help as you evaluate:
· Write out your questions
· Search several trusted resources
· Don’t be afraid of seemingly opposing ideas.
o Mull them over. Talk about them. Identify pros and cons.
· Most importantly PRAY. PRAY. PRAY.
· Ask others to pray

It is NEVER too late. There is always HOPE.
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