C4P 21: Help! Holidays are Coming

November 09, 2016

Do holidays and special events sometimes leave you and your child especially exhausted and sometimes overwrought? On today’s podcast, we are going to talk about strategies that may help holidays and special events to run a little smoother and to help you create an opportunity where you and your child may even have a pleasant experience.

Bible Passage: Luke 2:41-47

Join us for ideas on how to GUARD your:
- Schedule
- Health
- Expectations
- Rest Time

Tip for the Week – Making it Better during Events

Traditions, Holidays, Gatherings, and MY Child

Things to consider:

·         Researching the event to see if it is appropriate or feasible for my child

·         Allergies and popular party foods

·         Sensory Overload

·         Family members who just don't "get it"

·         Preparing the child

·         Helping the child to be flexible when "out of the ordinary" happens

·         Educating family and friends with tips on helping the child participate

·         Helping people with gift ideas

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