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Episode 26 - Safe Deposit Box
February 26, 2019

What happens when you lease a safe deposit box and you pass away?  What happens when you jointly lease a safe deposit box with someone else?  What happens when you store your will in a safe deposit box?

Episode 25 - House with mortgage in a Living Trust?
February 26, 2019

Can I put my house in a living trust even if there is a mortgage? 

Episode 24 - Digital Gift Idea for your Children
February 26, 2019

With today's technology with our smartphones, flash drives and small hard drives, there is no excuse in not preserving your precious photos and videos.  Also take advantage of using the free email services and create an account for your kids and...

Episode 23 - Digital Property - protect, backup and save. save save
February 22, 2019

Digital property, like your other property, should be considered in your estate planning.  And as we were taught in this digital age to always back up data, that need is never the more apparent with estate planning and passing on your...

Episode 22 - Death and Taxes
February 21, 2019

Washington State Estate Tax and Federal Estate Tax

Episode 21 - Up in the Air, Backpack and Living Trust
February 21, 2019

The movie UP IN THE AIR, stars George Clooney who plays an executive who flies to different destinations to have a face to face with person he was firing.  He also has a presentation about fitting your whole life in a backpack.  This episode...

Episode 20 - What Is Estate Planning - revisited.
February 19, 2019

Who is in control, Who benefits and when

Episode 19 - Walmart and the Dead Peasant's Insurance
February 18, 2019

Walmart and Life Insurance

Episode 18 - Trusts and minor beneficiaries
February 12, 2019

Usually the biggest asset a young couple may have is their 401k account and/or Life insurance with their infant children as designated beneficiaries.  Now if the couple dies, what happens the life insurance proceeds?

Episode 17 Being in Control - the power of the living trust
February 11, 2019

Estate Planning is really about being in control not only of what should happen to your estate after you die, but also about being in control while you're alive.  The best time to plan is while you're vertical and still healthy.  A trust has...