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Surface Thinking with Loe
November 03, 2021

Surface Thinking with HQ Lou
December 21, 2020


Surface Thinking with HQ Lou
December 21, 2020

 One of the most helpful things in individual growth is knowing where you come from. It's ultimately like a cheat sheet. In this episode we dive deep into HQ Lou's life, present, and culture.

Surface Thinking with Lena
December 14, 2020

When do we know who we are? Ii know we constantly grow, but when do we get a real good sense? It's an uphill battle to get to that time in growth where we are happy with us. In this episode Lena peels back the onion to show you why she is who she is. We a

Surface Thinking with Naimah
December 07, 2020

We think we know people, but do we really know their story. We assume by the exterior of an individual but they can't be the way we assess people. In this episode we get into life situations, experiences, and outcomes that shape us into who we are. Our sp

Surface Thinking with Brittney
January 06, 2020

I applaud the non parachute jumpers. You have to give them affirmations because they have obtain the heart many desire. So of us are stuff in concrete and can't or wont try to move. Brittney has left her hometown to pursue business in a different environm

Surface Thinking with Jocelyn
December 30, 2019

Keyword: Ego

Surface Thinking Podcast with Dj McFadden
December 23, 2019

If you have ever listened to any of my podcast episodes, I'm so interested about upbringing. I want to know how much of your childhood has influenced you to be where you are at now. In this episode we clearly see the man with a rough start becomes who he

Surface Thinking Podcast with Keith Dawson
December 16, 2019

Impact and change is the header of this episode. Keith Dawson has shown that it's not how you start it's how you finish. Great story!