Cemetery Mixtape

Cemetery Mixtape

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Minnie Wallace: Murder, Money, and Mystery
December 06, 2020

She couldn't help it if she was lucky....

The First Journalist Killed In War
February 06, 2020

Irving Carson of Rosehill Cemetery

Alice Getty and the Musical Skull
January 20, 2020

A landmark tomb contains an incredible story

Son of a Dickens
December 29, 2019

Frank Dickens asked his father for a rife; Charles replied "You'll shoot your head off."

The Man Who Shot Andrew Jackson
December 12, 2019

Charles Dickinson Esq. of Nashville

Elizabeth Keckley and Jefferson Davis’s Dress
August 13, 2018

Lincoln's modiste told the truth!

The Bones of Button Gwinnett
July 05, 2018

One of our least illustrious Founding Fathers in Savannah, GA

Bring me the Head of George Frederick Cooke
May 28, 2018

By some accounts, George Frederick Cooke was the greatest tragedian actor of the late 18th and early 19th century; his portrayal of Shakespeare’s Richard III was second to none. Whether he was Scottish, Irish or British was debated in his time; his epi...

Frederick Douglass (and the Garfield Grave Robbers)
May 02, 2018

President Garfield, Frederick Douglass, and Grave Robbing

Joseph Wicher, Killed By Jesse James
February 27, 2018

A detective with more guts than sense - Graceland Cemetery, Chicago