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Podcasts Archive | Dr. Pompa | Natural Health Solutions

245: Post Birth Control Syndrome

November 02, 2018

Today we’ll be talking all about hormonal birth control and how to begin to repair the toll it takes on your hormones after years of use. Our guest today, Dr. Jolene Brighten is hosting an amazing (and free!) online summit, called Post Birth Control Syndrome Awareness Week, and she is here to discuss it with us in this episode. You’ll hear about some of the issues the pill can cause that women often aren’t told about, and if these issues can go away once a woman stops taking it. You’ll also hear what you can do right now if you’re on birth control currently, or ever have been in the past.

Dr. Pompa will be a guest during Dr. Brighten’s online summit, so if you want to hear more about his theories on how diet, fasting, and lifestyle can be the keys to hormone repair, you’re invited to join him and a panel of amazing experts in the field of women’s health.