CDA 2019 Annual Conference - Interviews with presenters

CDA 2019 Annual Conference - Interviews with presenters

Challenges To Dermatology On Both Sides Of The 49th Parallel

August 19, 2019

CDA President Dr. Kerri Purdy sits down with AAD president Dr. George Hruza to have a conversation about the challenges dermatologists face on both sides of the Canada-US border. They discuss:

  • The biggest challenge facing dermatology today is the infringement on dermatology’s scope of practice with non-physician providers advertising and providing dermatologic services
  • Priority for dermatology is to offer patients safe and effective care.
  • In the US there is a considerable restriction in funded residency slots resulting in a significant shortage of dermatologists.
  • The best model is to have a dermatologist on-site directly supervising nurse practitioners and physician assistants in conducting procedures.
  • Dr. Hruza’s personal priority as president is to reinforce the joy of practising dermatology and relieve the stressors leading to burnout

Dr. Hruza is a dermatologist and Moh’s surgeon practicing in St. Louis. He is an adjunct professor of dermatology at St. Louis University. He has written four laser dermatology textbooks and published more than 150 articles.