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Artist Nick Zav joins for the quarantine special
April 11, 2020

Everyone is bored. So were we. The Relatively Speaking Podcast, once again, is back with a random edition of the show. In this episode, musician Nick Zav joins the show to talk about everything under the sun, including his music. Other topics: What is eve

Relatively Speaking: Random "Winter" Episode
March 07, 2020

Once dormant, the Relatively Speaking Podcast returns to yell about cats, talk about the Lakers, Nets and Knicks. Also, man, butter knives are dangerous. 

The Relative Return: NBA's proposed new rules, Knicks stink, James Wiseman
November 24, 2019

On this edition of the Relatively Speaking Podcast: A random Star Wars tangent. New NBA rules... ? The Knicks stink. The James Wiseman saga. The Walking Dead could be so much better. Follow Jared @JMintzHoops and Joseph @JosephNardone - his work at Forbes

Relatively Speaking Podcast - Kawhi Leonard madness, Lakers fallout, Knicks
July 07, 2019

After a long hiatus, the Relatively Speaking Podcast returns with the fury of one exploding sun. On this edition of the show, the guys discuss a variety of topics, including the entire fallout that comes with Kawhi Leonard choosing the Los Angeles Clipper

Rick Barnes embracing swag, Infinite Jest hot takes, Dan Hurley is mad
January 17, 2019

  The CBB Today Podcast is a college basketball show developed by two guys who like to talk about the wonderful world of unpaid laborers and handsome suit wearing people named Jay Wright. On the debut episode of the show, Norman and Joseph focus on R

Relatively Speaking Podcast Episode 132
March 30, 2018

The sports media industry landscape is constantly changing, and FanRag sports is changing with it.  After 132 episodes, Jared Mintz and Joseph Nardone (that's right, he's back) wrap up their podcast by reflecting on the last couple of years, their career

Relatively Speaking Podcast Episode 131
February 21, 2018

With almost a week in between meaningful NBA games, myself and millions of others are going crazy just waiting for the second half of the season to pick back up.  Returning to the show for his third appearance, and helping Jared discuss the most importan

Relatively Speaking Podcast Episode 130
February 16, 2018

The NBA had a wild trade deadline last week, and with All-Star weekend literally hours away from tipping off, there's only one team that we should all be talking about.No, the Relatively Speaking Podcast is not going to discuss the Cleveland Cavaliers,

Relatively Speaking Podcast Episode 129
February 01, 2018

The NBA is the greatest league in professional sports. Even with Super Bowl LII on deck, all we can talk about is NBA All-Star weekend, LeBron's drama in Cleveland, DeMarcus Cousins season ending injury, and James Harden's ridiculousness. And then, une

Relatively Speaking Podcast Episode 128
January 22, 2018

Between Chris Paul's controversial return to the Staples Center, Arron Afflalo literally trying to take Nemanja Bjelica head off, and the Cavs dropping five of their last six games and looking like the worst defense the NBA has seen in years, things are h