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Catholic Alpha Radical

Clues My Wife Wants A Divorce: #20 – Is She Staying Out Later? CARP058

March 10, 2023

In this 58th episode? The Save My Catholic Marriage Minute! The theme? Clues your wife wants to leave you!

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"Next in the homewrecker’s eyes your wife is his now.
You messed up and lost her…and he feels since she came to him, she now belongs to him!
And that you are the one intruding on his fun!"

~Jerry Jacobs Jr. ~ Catholic Alpha

In this series "Clues My Wife Wants A Divorce!: Hell On Earth - The Behaviors Of A Troubled Wife!"
Do you know the clues your wife displays when she is considering leaving you and your marriage?
In this 58th episode of the Catholic Alpha Radical LIVE Show we discuss clue #20...
Is your wife staying out later than normal?
Plus, your LIVE calls to answer your Catholic marriage problem questions.
Caller #1 - My wife says I'm lazy and wants to leave.

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