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Catholic Alpha Radical

4 Reasons You’ve Lost Respect As A Husband And Father And How To Get It Back! Part 1 (CARP146)

August 02, 2023

❖ In this 146th episode? Catholic Alpha's Radical Rant: Learn the reasons you’ve lost respect in your home and how you can get it back if you man up!

❖ [Quote:] “The more you as a man don’t get control of your home...

❖ The more Our Lord allows the demonic in your home...

❖ To increase the pain, chaos, and confusion, and loss of love!" [End Quote]

❖ Jerry Jacobs Jr. ~ Catholic Alpha

❖ In this 146th episode of the Catholic Alpha Radical LIVE Show we discuss...

❖ How to get the respect back in your marriage and as a father once you’ve lost it!

❖ Plus, your LIVE calls to answer your Catholic marriage problem questions.

❖ Caller #1: How to get people to tell the truth and to hold to the truth in

❖ Reference for this episode:

❖ Book: Connecting Through Yes: How To Agree When You Don’t Agree To Get Cooperation And Closeness In Your Marriage by Dr. Jack Ito

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