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Stephen Thomas Interview Part 2
September 09, 2023

The second half of our July 4, 2023 interview with Steven Thomas, former Seattle poet, co-founder of the Seattle Poetry Festival and former teacher at University Prep. He discussed his life, struggles

Interview with Stephen Thomas, Part 1
July 31, 2023

Stephen Thomas 7.1.2023Before moving to Europe, Auburn, Washington native Stephen Thomas was quite active in the Seattle literary scene. He came back to Seattle (& other parts of the U.S.) to read from his new book What Is Between Us published by Hand to

Interview with Gabriella Gutiérrez y Muhs
July 01, 2023

Gabriella Gutirrez y Muhs w/ Paul E NelsonWhat a joy to engage Gabriella Gutirrez y Muhs for a Cascadian Prophets podcast interview. I hosted her at Casa del Colibr on June 15, 2023 and discussed h

The Columbia River Confluence Project
June 06, 2023

The latest Cascadian Prophets podcast is an interview with Ann Batchelor Hursey, author of Field Notes: To Maya Lins Confluence Project Landscapes, and Lou Cabeen, the artist responsible for the Fiel

IPRA – Making Peace in Trinidad
May 27, 2023

The International Peace Research Association gathered May 17-21, 2023, in Port of Spain, Trinidad for their 2023 conference. I attended and was in the company of some of the world's most brilliant sc

Rescue and Revival of a Seattle Legend: Carletta Carrington Wilson Interprets James Washington Jr.
May 01, 2023

Carletta Carrington Wilson discusses Poem of Stone & Bone in honor of James W. Washington Jr.

Heavy Lifting Art Book (Feilcia Rice, Theresa Whitehill)
March 31, 2023

It is a collaboration thats a book, but not a book that youd bring to bed with you before turning the lights out. Its also been described as protest beauty and is the collaboration of a printer (

Richard Atleo at Seattle U
February 09, 2023

CPL Board Member Jason Wirth has arranged for Dr. E. Richard Atleo to speak at Seattle U. This is a remarkable opportunity to hear about Nuu-Chal-Nuth cosmology. Details below. I had the good fortune to interview Dr. Atleo in 2005 and included the transcr

Shuri Kido Interview on Names And Rivers
February 01, 2023

What a blessing it was December 28, 2022, to interview Shuri Kido, the accomplished Japanese poet and Zen practitioner. As I told he and his translators (Tomoyuki Endo, Forrest Gander) on that occasio

Brenda Hillman Interview In A Few Minutes Before Later
January 01, 2023

Brenda Hillman interviewed on her 2022 book In A Few Minutes Before Later by Paul E Nelson for the Cascadian Prophets podcast