Cascadian Prophets

Cascadian Prophets

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Robert Michael Pyle Interview
June 01, 2024

Bob met me at the retro Atomic Motel and we talked for over an hour about his new book, the poems in it, his childhood, bioregionalism, his trip to Cuba, Vladimir Nabokov's notion via biographer Brian

Interview with Bill Porter on the Film “Dancing With the Dead”
April 15, 2024

Paul E Nelson interviews Bill Porter on the film "Dancing With the Dead: Red Pine and the Art of Translation as it screens Sunday, April 21 at SIFF Cinema Egyptian.

Nicholas Gulig Interview
March 28, 2024

The Poet Laureate of Wisconsin Nicholas Gulig discussing the influence legendary poet Lorine Niedecker had on his work, recreating her trip around Lake Superior and discussing the poem's similarity wi

Tessa Hulls Interview Feeding Ghosts
February 27, 2024

Paul E Nelson interviews Tessa Hulls on Feeding Ghosts her graphic memoir

Roxi Power Interview
February 01, 2024

Poet Roxi Power sings from her new book The Songs Objects Would Sing

Robert Bringhurst Interview Part 3
January 02, 2024

In the third and final part of an October 22, 2023 interview Robert Bringhurst, he talks about blister rust, how bioregionalism is an antidote to bad politics and other subjects connected to his 55 pa

Robert Bringhurst The Ridge Interview Part 2
December 19, 2023

Through his books, I took lessons from Ezra Pound, who was a schoolmaster at heart and had a lot of things to say about what young poets should read and how they should read it. His politics were bonk

Robert Bringhurst The Ridge (Interview) Pt. 1
December 04, 2023

The Ridge is a poem in 20 parts, a meditation on a geological feature of Quadra Island, a large island in British Columbia, just north of the Strait of Georgia, and thus the Salish Sea. But the poem i

Lorna Dee Cervantes Interview (April on Olympia)
October 31, 2023

Lorna Dee Cervantes Interview on April on Olympia

John Tanner on Richard Brautigan
October 03, 2023

John Tanner on Richard Brautigan and How To Make an America