Things I like to share

Things I like to share

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The Generation Gap - Managing in Modern Times
June 01, 2023

We chat to Debbie Smith a CEO who talks us through management style in the modern workplace

The Generation Gap - Generations Expectations
May 10, 2023

Jack and I talk about the want/need and now generation

The Generation Gap
May 04, 2023

Exploring the importance of physical exercise

The Generation Gap
April 27, 2023

We explore the issues, expectations and social impact on the different generations and the work place.

Faerie Spit by Andrew Burgin
May 14, 2020

This is me reading Andrews novel called Faerie Spit. I will read a chapter every day.

30th March update
March 30, 2019

What’s happened so far this week

Update on caring for a loved one who has terminal cancer
March 26, 2019

The latest in our life, just an update.

Just another update.
March 06, 2019

Abit of insight into Andrew’s medication and the last few weeks

Andrews birthday.
February 21, 2019

A day to celebrate. Andrew makes his 50th