Caribbean Money Moves

Caribbean Money Moves

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Stay home and cook
May 02, 2020

S2E5: COVID-19 has helped lots of us to confront habitual inefficiencies in shopping, cooking and consuming. Sonja Sinaswee of DASH Family Meals gives practical tips for feeding ourselves during crisis time and beyond.

A COVID-19 job hunt guide
April 23, 2020

S2E4: Lara Quentrall-Thomas offers a bird's eye view of the COVID-19 Caribbean employment landscape, providing tips for employers, those working at home and those in search of jobs. Check out the blog post on

Make a COVID-19 financial plan
April 15, 2020

S2E3: Athalyah Yisreal of gives practical tips to reduce spending, stash cash and prioritise payments in the context of COVID-19. Check out the blog post on

Risk in the time of COVID-19
April 07, 2020

S2E2: Anxious about the impact of COVID-19 on your income and the economy? Wondering if this is the right time to invest? The man behind humorous blog,, dons his finance and risk hat to offer guidance.

Got a COVID-19 money question?
April 01, 2020

S2E1: Season two of the Caribbean Money Moves podcast returns with an inevitable focus on COVID-19 and its implications for your pocket. Send us your questions and we'll get answers from the best Caribbean experts.

Gail Vaz-Oxlade’s Caribbean debt warning
March 31, 2019

S1E13: In our season one finale, celebrated financial educator, author and reality star Gail Vaz-Oxlade reflects on her Jamaican upbringing and issues a stern warning to Caribbean consumers about personal debt.

Money Therapy
March 24, 2019

S1E12: Money problems are about far more than money. Dr Tracie Rogers explores how to identify triggers as well as cultivate emotional and mental health as a pathway to better financial lives. Check out the blog post on

From homeless orphan to homeowner
March 17, 2019

S1E11: Joseph Messam shares the personal finance wisdom that took him from homeless teen to a paid-for house by age 40. Check out the blog post on

How Trinis pay for Carnival
March 10, 2019

S1E10: Franka Philip of the Talk 'Bout Us podcast analyses responses to our 2019 Carnival spending survey . Check out the blog post and infographic on

Mortgage basics (+ ideological differences)
March 03, 2019

S1E9: A breakdown of the mortgage process plus a few ideological differences between expert and host when it comes to the question of risk. Check out the blog post on