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E377 Recruiting Community: Robots are NOT Replacing Recruiters!
July 28, 2023

Mark Chaffey CEO of Hackajob is coming in with this hot take: AI will not replace humans in the tech hiring process. Come join the conversation about AI in the world of recruiting.

E376 Recruiting Community: Pay Transparency’s Competitive Advantage with Charlie Franklin
July 17, 2023

We have lots to catch up on with this week's guest, Charlie Franklin CEO of Compa. Join us as we talk about new data on the impact of pay transparency on market data... their new Compa Index and the l

E375 Recruiting Community: Anthony Reynolds, CEO HireVue, and the Modern Hire Acquisition.
June 23, 2023

Our guest this week: Anthony Reynolds, CEO of Hirevue. Anthony will be sharing the story behind HireVue's recent acquisition of Modern Hire, and share what's next.

E374 Recruiting Community: Michelle Rhee, The Power of Apprenticeship
June 19, 2023

Host Chris Hoyt connects with Michelle Rhee, Co-founder of BuildWithin to talk about the often-unrealized power behind apprenticeship programs.

E373 Recruiting Community: CXR Israel Delegation Learnings
June 15, 2023

Earlier this month, Gerry Crispin, Barb Ruess, Kristen Bailey and a full delegation of TA and HR leaders traveled to Israel to learn more about their employment, technology and culture. This week the

E372 Recruiting Community: 2023 CXR Foundation $10,000 Scholarship Winner
June 05, 2023

Members of the CXR Foundation are joining Chris Hoyt this week to introduce the winner of this year's CXR Foundation Scholarship. The Foundation is thrilled to award a $10,000 scholarship each year to

E371 Recruiting Community: Marketing the Employee Experience
June 02, 2023

Join Chris Hoyt (he/him) as he connects with industry friends from exaqueo, Susan LaMotte (CEO) and Shannon Smedstad (Engagement Director) where you can listen in and be part of the conversation as th

E370 Recruiting Community: Barb Hyman, The Necessity (or death?) of the Resumé.
May 22, 2023

Barb Hyman - founder & CEO of - joins Chris Hoyt (he/him) this week. We love hearing her insights on ethical AI. This time she's leaning into the topic of resums. Are they still necessary? W

E369 Recruiting Community: Johnny Campbell, Shiny Baubles and Pay Transparency
May 16, 2023

Johnny Campbell, founder of Social Talent, joins Chris Hoyt (he/him) and Gerry Crispin to talk about more automation, ChatGPT, and technology options within TA along with the history of recruiting (al

E368 Recruiting Community: Jill Shabelman, Talking Video Content & Recruitment Marketing
May 02, 2023

Jill Shabelman, Partner at Stories Inc, joins Chris Hoyt this week to talk about the stories companies are leveraging on their career sites. In her line of work, she's also gathered some interesting d