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CareerTech Horizon 1-9: “Power Up!”
November 27, 2020

Francis Tuttle Tech Center Student Toni Lochrie talks about how she found a new career and new purpose in the energy industry. - When is the last time you thought about what goes into keeping power going to your home, uninterrupted? -

1 Year of CareerTech Horizon! + Episode 9 Trailer
November 20, 2020

HAPPY FIRST BIRTHDAY TO CAREERTECH HORIZON! It's hard to believe, but it's been a full year since we started this podcast! We've loved the opportunities to tell great stories from around the state, and we could've have done it without the support of y...

CareerTech Horizon 1-8: “Back In the Swing of Things”
September 25, 2020

Has the time come for you to transition back to your normal life? Does the uncertainty of going back to school or work amidst a pandemic give you stress and anxiety? - In this episode, CareerTech Horizon takes you inside one technology center to see h...

TRAILER – CTH 1-8: “Back In The Swing Of Things”
September 11, 2020

While the world around us changes rapidly, some may choose to hang on to the familiar things in life.  For others, this may be the perfect time to make changes for themselves. - Next time on CareerTech Horizon,

Episode 7: “Feels Like Home”
June 03, 2020

While you were at home during the coronavirus lockdown, did you find yourself trying to learn new "home skills?" - With people turning to things like baking and sewing, some for the first time, Family and Consumer Science teachers have suddenly found ...

TRAILER — Episode 7: “Feels Like Home”
May 20, 2020

In the age of social distancing and "safer at home" orders, many people have had to brush-up on their home-making skills. These skills, often taken as electives in high school curriculum, have now become what many consider essential. -

Episode 6: “Driving Progress”
April 29, 2020

Do you remember your first car, and how liberating it was to drive on your own? Do you remember the first time that car stopped working? In this episode, CareerTech Horizon hits the road, driving through the many parts of this growing,

TRAILER — Episode 6: “Driving Progress”
March 31, 2020

(Note: Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, we will be postponing our originally planned episode on this year's "Making It Work" award recipients. However, we will continue to bring you new, great stories in the meantime.) -

Episode 5: “Growing Partnerships”
March 06, 2020

How did you learn the skills you have now? - Are the skills you know still relevant today? Will they remain relevant in the future? - In this episode, we examine the growing partnerships between industry and education.

TRAILER – Episode 5: “Growing Partnerships”
February 22, 2020

Next time on CareerTech Horizon, we go aboard a recently retired passenger jet that's now a classroom with wings for students looking to take off in the airline industry. - It's just one of many ways business and industry partner with technical educat...