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Cardboard and Wine

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30 | Circle the Wagons and Sprawlopolis (Fit in Your Pocket)
August 23, 2019

One of our most pleasant surprises over the past few months is discovering Button Shy Games, producers of microgames that consist of 18 cards (or fewer) and come in a minimalistic bi-fold wallet. Certainly the small footprint of these titles is welcome...

29 | Euphoria (Dystopian Bliss)
July 28, 2019

When you pop the shrink on a Stonemaier game, you know you will be treated to premium components and thoughtful game design. Pair that with a quirky, unique dystopian theme, and we are certainly intrigued! In this episode,

28 | Tiny Towns (Regular-Sized Meeples, Tiny Towns)
June 03, 2019

When we saw the box art and components for Tiny Towns, it just looked like our type of game. There are plenty of wooden bits, oversized cards, friendly and approachable artwork, and a rulebook that’s streamlined and to the point.

27 | Concordia (Venus and Salsa Expansions, Oh My!)
May 03, 2019

Who doesn’t love a peaceful game of economic development set in the Mediterranean? Find out if we do, this week on the show as we dive deep into the quintessential eurogame, Concordia! We also discuss the most recent version of the game,

26 | Favorite Weeknight Games (Most Days are Weekdays!)
April 10, 2019

If we look back over our gaming stats, most of our board gaming happens during the week. However, after a long day of work, dinner, and kid bedtimes, your brain and energy tank might be running on fumes. That doesn’t mean there’s nothing left for gamin...

25 | Century Eastern Wonders (Different, Yet Similar, Cube Trading)
March 20, 2019

There are few game mechanics more satisfying than trading sets of cubes for more better cubes. Even more fantastic is trading them for victory points! On a previous episode, we discussed our enjoyment of the cube-trading, perfect-for-a-weeknight,

24 | Arboretum (A Soothing Path of Tension)
February 27, 2019

The thing about Arboretum is that everyone seems to like it. We have friends who would rather walk across hot coals than play a Splotter game who rave about it. We’ve also received recommendations for Arboretum from some of our heaviest gaming partners...

23 | Wingspan (Bird Facts and Candy Eggs)
February 12, 2019

We love birds. We also appreciate games that are beautifully and thoughtfully produced. So when Wingspan by Stonemaier Games was announced, we were all over it (meaning we broke our pact to not buy new games in 2019). This game has engine building,

22 | Whose Turn 2019 (A gaming con in our own backyard)
January 29, 2019

We’re still basking in the glow of four days of gaming at the Whose Turn Con in Durham, NC – and what a great time it was! In this episode, we discuss many of the great games we played there including: Dominant Species Concordia Space Base Trellis Side...

21 | Top 5 Games Played in 2018 (Simply the Best)
January 09, 2019

We played a LOT of games in 2018, which is great in so many ways. The only downside is that it makes choosing the top 5 REALLY HARD! This week on the show, we share our five favorite “new to us” board games of 2018… and there were a lot to choose from…...