Can You Hold My Attention? The Derek Bruton Podcast

Can You Hold My Attention?  The Derek Bruton Podcast

Episode #7 – Chris Dudley & Detlef Schrempf, NBA Veterans & Wealth Managers

March 04, 2021

Basketball is one of my passions, so recording this episode was a blast! Chris Dudley & Detlef Schrempf played a combined 32 years in the NBA, and have chosen financial services as their second career. The lessons they share from their experiences are timeless, and apply to each of us and the role we play on our own personal teams – both in the office and at home. Of course, I couldn’t resist sneaking in a little fun and asking them to pick their ultimate basketball teams. Be sure to listen to the end to hear their selections!

  • How they found their way to the NBA
  • Why they were asked to play different roles in the NBA, and how they found success in them
  • Why they transitioned into financial services
  • How they leverage their vast networks of relationships for business without abusing them
  • Chris & Det’s advice for those considering working with professional athletes