6 Degrees from Cannabis

6 Degrees from Cannabis

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Episode 044: The Couple Who Consumes Together… with Sam + Tyler Prock
November 24, 2021

Today’s episode highlights an incredible psychedelic-positive couple who’ve experienced relief from chronic conditions through cannabis medicine. Sam shares how turning to the plant helped her get off of a peak of 13 medications and root into a robust yog

Episode 043: Intentionality Meets Impact with Solonje Burnett of Humble Bloom
November 14, 2021

Our favorite Weed Auntie, Solonje Burnett, stops by the podcast to impart her wisdom on bridging intent and impact in the cannabis industry. As she shares a full day in the life of her cannabis consumption with us, she also name drops the sustainability +

Episode 042: Options When Western Medicine Fails with Dr. Jennifer Kovacs, PharmD of Healing Leaf
October 12, 2021

Despite being laughed at by her peers in pharmacy, today’s guest stayed true to her vision of a career in the cannabis industry when honestly answering the question of “where do you see yourself in 10 years” during a job interview.This conversation with D

Episode 041: Budtending + Breaking Cycles with Amanda Cruz of Flores De Familia
October 06, 2021

The motto for this conversation is “knowledge is power.” Amanda shares how she navigated getting access to an IL medical card while having one foot in the cannabis industry and another one foot in the healthcare world.This seemingly dualistic perspective

Episode 040: Making the Habitual a Ritual with Dani Olivarez of Highlites
September 28, 2021

Today’s conversation is with a stoner who cares. Dani Olivarez of the highlights oasis proudly and truthfully shares about her relationship with cannabis and how it helps her in relation to mood + food. Listen to hear about her first experience with canna

Episode 039: Business + Personal Evolution with Zevin Clark of Bloomble
September 21, 2021

Today’s conversation is with a mastermind who seeks to provide simple solutions for complex problems via cannabis. Zevin shares how his relationship with the plant started as experiential enhancement in high school and evolved into holistic support for hi

Episode 038: Plants as First-Line Therapy with Dr. Lola Ohonba of WCI Health
August 23, 2021

Today’s conversation demands respect for herbal medicines. Clinically-oriented, plant decriminalization advocate, Dr. Lola calls cannabis her wellness tool and sees it as her aging-supportive multivitamin. Inside this chat, she speaks to the contrast of g

Episode 037: A Safe Space for Patients with Dr. Troy Alexander-EL of Higher Level Healthcare
August 16, 2021

Today’s guest stands on the platform that balance is essential + shares how cannabis helps her do anything on her own terms. Dr. Alexander-EL speaks on how the plant supported her through depression, helped her keep her therapy appointments and show up vi

Episode 036: Cannabis Lawyer Talks Frequency + Flow with Laury Lucien of The Major Bloom
August 09, 2021

Today’s conversation is majorly unconventional. Laury, cannabis lawyer, discloses that despite her Haitain heritage + growing up using herbs to heal, cannabis was off limits. She speaks of how her initial cannabis consumption was a mechanism to escape her

Episode 035: Cannabis Entrepreneurship with DJ Howard of Midas + Co.
August 03, 2021

Today’s guest DJ describes marketing in the cannabis industry as finding the last infinity stone. He walks us through his personal shifts toward the plant going from stern abstinence, to neutrality, then advocacy. DJ shares that despite “catching a case”