Cafecito Break

Cafecito Break

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Headlines, Mind Control, The Breath of God
April 13, 2021

Ruthie and RA share some of the headlines for this week of April 12, 2021.  Topics include the Vax aka as The Jab, Mind Control/ Media Programming, Questionable Leadership in the US, and the importance of our breath.

It’s Ruining Relationships! The Jab – The V Word
April 12, 2021

Families, Friendships, Colleagues, Communities are being torn apart with this one discussion.  Ruthie and RA invite you to listen in. -  

Saying No To Vax ID Passports and Vax Mandates
April 06, 2021

hello out there! - Not everyone is happy go lucky wanting to have a party and rushing to take the Covid 19 Vaccine.... - Well technically it is not even a vaccine.  This jab has not been efficiently tested. -

The Poison of Wokeness – A lot of Tantrums and Very Little Listening
April 05, 2021

All of this just keeps furthering the divide between people... -  

There is no Censorship in Upsidedown World
April 05, 2021

"There's no senshership! In the present moment of 2021, there are many people that believe that censorship does not exist. - ay ay ay . Bendiciones! Thank you for listening. Peace & prosperity to you.   - la shamanessa

Relationships, Thought Police, Peer Pressure, Adulting #thoughtpolice
April 05, 2021

RA shares some thoughts... taking a tech breaks from Social Media the poison on some social media feeds peer pressure and public shaming virtue signaling others to get the Jab... the Vaccine relationships gone wrong

Let’s Talk About The Elephants In The Room
March 08, 2021

It's about a year into the two week lock down to slow the spread. - Ruthie and RA talk about the ELEPHANTS in the room.

The Dangers of Cancel Culture
March 05, 2021

Cancel culture quiets people. - Cancel culture contracts. - Cancel culture stifles the flow of natural conversation and open inquiry. - Cancel culture manipulates what others can or can not say. - Cancel culture eliminates voices we could learn fro...

Irresponsible Media And The Importance of Local Journalism
March 04, 2021

RA shares a clip from Breitbart of Soledad O'Brien speaking about the media. -