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Garvey v. The City of New York - Watch The Courtroom Hearing #replay #covid #mandates
April 22, 2024

These brave warriors are holding the line. Lets pray with them. 16 Strongest 4 Choice. Keep an eye out for the results of this case. On April 15th, 2024 Oral arguments in the appeal of Garvey v. The City of New York occurred. Take a listen. WHAT: Oral

The Great Silencing - What Happened To The Pastors, Healers, Gurus, and Ministers in 2020?
April 20, 2024

The Great Silencing of 2020 well it started before that, but it has become so obvious that many Leaders, Healers, Gurus, Pastors, Ministers, Priests have GONE SILENT and continue to stay oddly quiet during times where many are seeking guidance. He

We Are One People -RA, Andrew Kaen, Kevin Nathaniel, Lisa Roma, RoseMary Wereley and Christine Marie
April 12, 2024

Its been a few years since Ive hosted a conversation like this. Take a listen. It may just help shift your mood.Welcome your comments below. Event hosted by Cafecito Break is a reader-supported publication. To receive new posts and supp

Sometimes You Just Have To Shut The F Up.... ExpressSo with RA #nyc #stories
April 04, 2024

There are many times in our lives when people will test us in ways where perhaps nothing would feel better than to unload some verbal NYC a$$hole energetic smackdowns towards that person / or people.But this may not always be the best recourse. It is imp

Unfolding Police State - with Former NYPD John D. Macari Jr., Eric Dym, and Sal Greco Townhall X Space Replay
April 03, 2024

We may not agree with your speech, but we will defend your right to say it.Hosted by RA,and John Matland Moderated by Kozi ***Comments made in this space may or may not represent the views of Cafecito Break. We believe in free speech and in people expr

Not Today Satan - Being Present, An Easter Message from RA
March 31, 2024

Tune in to listen to RA who speaks briefly about Religion and the war of words. donations / contributions help support our platform. We are 100 percent Independent.

RA's Reaction To RFK Jr. VP Pick, Nicole Shanahan #rfkjr #vp #nicholeshanahan
March 27, 2024

Take a listen to RAs initial reaction to RFK Jr. Vice Presidential pick.Tip our Channel: CashApp:$liveyourmusicVenmo: this video on YoutubeWatch this video on XWatch this video on Rumble

Police State In New York Is HAPPENING - Featuring Insights from Former NYPD - New York Stands Together Townhall
March 22, 2024

We Do Not Feel Safe In New York Give this a listen A whole lotta whistleblowing happening on this chat.Topics Include: * Failed and Crooked NY Leadership* New Yorkers Do Not Feel Safe In The Subway* The Migrant Crisis* Crime in the City* Egotistical Ele

NYC May Feel Sh$tty But It's Still My City - Expresso with RA
March 19, 2024

I still love NY! I love this city. I love the asshole upfront aliveness that is only New York.Shout out to the NY Lions and everyone who loves you NY.Enjoy this ExpressSo with RAWepa! #nyc #newyork Make a donation: CashApp $liveyourmusic Cafecito Break

Republican Is A Dirty Word In NYC - An Explicit ExpressSo with RA
March 17, 2024

Hello Cafecito Breakers, Take a listen to RAs latest ExpressSO.Topics Include: * Latinos Are Leaving The Democratic Party, but many do not feel the Republican Party can be trusted or has earned their support* Republican Is A Dirty Word In NYC * Trump Sup