The Bucket Plan® On-Demand Series

The Bucket Plan® On-Demand Series

The Power of The Bucket Plan® Certification and CFF® Designation

April 04, 2018

As mixed rulings and opinions continue to develop and speculation begins to build surrounding the SEC’s anticipated fiduciary rule, we continue to urge you to maintain the proactive stance of providing services in the best interest of your clients at all times. In fact, we see this as an opportunity to not only meet regulatory requirements ahead of your competition but to create significant new business opportunities while strengthening existing client relationships!

The Certified Financial Fiduciary® designation is the validation that you’re committed to being a fiduciary.

The Bucket Plan® certification gives you the confidence and capability not only to gather more assets through your planning process, but to meet the best interest standard while you do it.

Together—it is a winning combination.

On this episode of our Take Action Podcast series hosted by Jason L Smith, we share a practice spotlight featuring Glen Pier and Carol Ward Ochoa. Together they discuss their candid, first-hand experiences with introducing The Bucket Plan® Certification and Certified Financial Fiduciary® designation in their advisory practices, including:

  • Why they embraced this training and philosophy in today’s environment

  • How these credentials are beings leveraged with their clients and prospects

  • Case studies of successfully introducing planning fees and receiving new prospects seeking out this fiduciary planning

  • And more

“Having the Certified Financial Fiduciary® and The Bucket Plan® certification is the perfect marriage of two aspects of the business. I always talk about the ultimate asset—peace of mind. I always talk about my clients owning that asset, but honestly, there is great peace of mind for me as an advisor knowing that I have these two certifications in my pocket. Not only that I can I do a better job for my clients, but now I can prove that I’m doing a better job for my clients.” – Carol Ward Ochoa.

If you have questions about upcoming training opportunities for The Bucket Plan® Certification and Certified Financial Fiduciary® designation, visit or call (844) 545-1322 today!

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