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Will Canada Fall & Become Australia? w/ David Freiheit, PPC Candidate against Trudeau

September 19, 2021

David Freiheit, candidate for the Peoples Party of Canada running against Justin Trudeau, joins the program to share his thoughts on the current situation in Canada and around the world. We discuss how close Canada is to falling and what he believes is needed to regain freedoms. His party, the People's Party of Canada, was just formed in 2019 and they are taking the country by storm with candidates running for every federal government position across the country. The national election takes place this Monday, September 20th, 2021. You can learn more about David Freiheit and his campaign at
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David Freiheit Biography
I was born and raised in Montreal, the youngest of 5 children in a family of lawyers. I am a husband. A father. And a patriot. I never thought I would find myself running for political office. But I never thought I would find myself in a Canada where the government would lock people in their homes, shut down their businesses, force children to wear face masks, prohibit international and interprovincial travel, and even forcibly detain Canadians in government facilities without any due process. I never thought I would see a Canada in which our most fundamental civil and human rights are treated as mere privileges that can be capriciously shredded by mere government edict. Yet that is exactly what Canada has become. Under its current leadership, Canada has simply become unrecognizably un-Canadian. And I am going to do everything I can to make our great country glorious and free once more.


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