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Business Game Changers

Blackmail Currency, European Trafficking Routes, Sarah’s Deep State Game Overview w/Ella Ster (2of2)

May 21, 2020

Independent journalist, Ella Ster, rejoins the program to discuss the European trafficking and blackmail rings whose tentacles reach worldwide. I first give an overview of the deep state games with facts and numbers, then I welcome Ella Ster to expose a few of the largest blackmail and pedophile rings and how they have been infiltrated into the highest levels of government, business, & academia. You can learn more about Ella Ster @  
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See an exclusive segment with Ella Ster discussing her recent investigative efforts into one of the largest criminal trafficking networks in Europe. You can see that on - consider joining and watch this interview along with many other exclusives, discounts, and more!
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MUSIC CREDITS: "A Tale of Vengeance" by Aakash Gandhi licensed for broad internet media use, including video and audio

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Ella Ster Overview (computer translated to English from Dutch)
 Under the pseudonym Ella Ster, she started sharing news items in early 2014 that were not reported by the major media channels.
Her blog is for people who are looking for the truth and alternative views. Much of what is going on behind the scenes is hidden by the mainstream media. The actual political agenda of the ruling shadow elite and their heinous crimes against humanity are not discussed in the mainstream media. Many historical art treasures and advanced technology are also kept secret from humanity. Fortunately, there are an increasing number of whistleblowers within, among others: the Illuminati (Cabal), government organizations and employees within secret black budget projects that are leaking more and more information. The articles on this provide information that will help broaden the frame of reference. As a result, things can be placed in an increasingly broader perspective. The goal is to help people wake up in this way.
However, many people find it difficult to face the sinister side of the Cabal. But by also
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illuminating the dark side of the Cabal, it is exposed and debunked. The Cabal's secret agenda can only exist by the grace of secrecy. By revealing their secrets, their tricks no longer work.
At the same time, I also highlight the positive outlook for the future. In my conviction of the impending "fall of the Cabal",