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Communist Infiltration: Reeducation Camps, State Propaganda: Finding Courage Director Rubacek (2of2)

May 13, 2020

Film Director & Producer, Kay Rubacek, joins the program to discuss her latest film, "Finding Courage". It's about a Chinese family that has suffered brutal forced enslavement in the labor and reeducation camps of China. We discuss her film and the parallels we are seeing today in America. From centralized/state controlled media, to forced lockdowns and loss of freedoms. This is an important interview and film that must be shared. Every citizen of the world needs to see this film and understand freedom is fragile & must be fought for to be maintain. Freedom is not Free.
FINDING COURAGE - A TRUE STORY OF ONE FAMILY WHO DARED TO BE FREE See more at & sign up for their newsletter. You can also go to (redirects to SwoopFilms)
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Kay Rubacek Biography

Kay Ruback is formally trained in the visual arts and was a producer/writer in the gaming industry and international media for 15 years before transitioning into filmmaking. She is now a producer, director, and writer for Swoop Films. Kay has been an advocate for and a writer on China-related issues since 2001 when she was arrested for protesting on Tiananmen Square in Beijing and experienced the inside of a Chinese prison.
You can see her information about her films @
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