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Better customer experience by design: With Belson Coutinho, Akasa Air

September 21, 2022

Akasa Air is committed to designing a better flying experience for all of its passengers. That's why they've adopted an inclusive design philosophy for everything from the airline check-in counters to their uniforms.

Belson Coutinho, co-founder of Akasa Air believes that low cost does not mean a cheap customer experience. By investing in inclusive design, Akasa can offer a unique and comfortable flying experience that sets them apart from other airlines.

Designing a mobile first experience for airlines doesn't just mean creating an app. It means thinking about all the different ways that flyers will use their devices throughout their journey, and designing your experience around that.

That means creating multiple user journeys for different types of flyers. Some might want to check in and view their boarding pass on their phone. Others might want to use their device to track their baggage or find their way around the airport.

And of course, everyone wants a seamless experience that makes travel easy and stress-free. That's why it's so important to design with the user in mind, every step of the way.