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The Manhood Matrix
May 05, 2020

Angus Nelson solves problems in a unique and differentiated way with his new coaching program - the Manhood Matrix - mindset, action and nurture. In this episode of Business AF, Angus explains that until you can meet a real, felt need, you're going to str

Business Growth with A Team & Scaling | Vinnie Enriquez
April 28, 2020

As the team lead of The Enriquez Group, Vinnie Enriquez has learned how to manage a team within his real estate team, grow through experience, and value human connection with personal branding. Listen in as we discuss how he has scaled his business and le

Shawn Walchef, Cali BBQ and Digital Hospitality Podcast
April 21, 2020

Shawn Walchef, owner of Cali Comfort BBQ and host of the Digital Hospitality Podcast talks about how business has shifted and the core values that remain within his business, especially in the hospitality industry. We discuss the Tiger King drinks to-go a

How Telling Your Story Can Resonate with Others
April 07, 2020

On this episode of the Business AF podcast, we'll chat with Melanie Deziel who is a brand storytelling keynote speaker and the founder of StoryFuel. We'll talk about how telling your story can resonate with others and push you outside of your comfort zone

Pivot to Online
March 31, 2020

As many businesses switch to offering online services, we'll chat with Digital Marketing Expert Teresa Heath-Wareing on how to pivot, where to start, and why this is the wave of the future. We will also chat about mindset, she states you could have the be

The ART of Social During Crisis
March 24, 2020

This week we chat with Brie Anderson about the “art” of social which stands for authenticity, relevancy, and transparency. This a good guideline for businesses right now while navigating a crisis and still trying to sell. Connect with Brie: Twitter:

SMMW20 Recap x Coronavirus Pandemic
March 17, 2020

Join Chris and Marisa as we recap our experience at SMMW20 and what's transpired in the last week.

Why are Regenerative Businesses important
March 10, 2020

Chris and Marisa welcome Jessa and Laurel from A Stellar Co. They share why regenerative business is a step above status quo and sustainable business. They talk about the focus on value and how they help other businesses build regenerative businesses.

Why Mental Health Is Important For Businesses
February 25, 2020

Chris and Marisa welcomed JMatt from @1037KISSFM (M-F 10a-2p CST), host of hashtagMKE, avid (#MentalHealth) Advocate to talk about mental health, how social media affects our mental health and

Why Personal Branding Is Important
February 11, 2020

Chris and Marisa welcome Daryl Perry. Daryl helps small businesses compete with big businesses to hire phenomenal employees without breaking the bottom line. He has branded himself as 'The Guy with the Bow Tie' a brand that came up by accident. Daryl talk