The Natty Bumpercar Bumperpodcast

The Natty Bumpercar Bumperpodcast

Bumperpodcast #396 – Season 2 – The Lake

June 10, 2021

Natty wants to talk about perspective – so, the gang all talk about a trip that they took to the lake – and how they all perceived their shared experiences.

The Bumperpodcast with Natty Bumpercar is an oftentimes hilarious weekly romp around Headquarters, in Coffee-Can Alley, with Natty Bumpercar and his entire gaggle of pals!

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Show Transcript:

Natty Bumpercar 0:00 Howdy everybody, it’s Natty and I’m starting the episode off slightly different today, because I want to thank some people. I have been looking at the numbers that have been coming in for the people listening and it’s super cool. So hi, India, how are you? So many people in India? I don’t have like a breakdown of where but I’m thrilled that you’re listening Australia. I see you. Nepal, what high. Singapore is Bangladesh, United Kingdom. The it’s I mean, it’s, it’s there’s all these countries. It’s really fun. So thanks again for listening. I super appreciate it. Make sure to tell all your friends and spread the word. All right, you found something fun. All right, we’re gonna get to the episode now. Hey, make sure to listen all the way to the end. Because there’s a cool thing that happens. It’s an outro. That’s right. And we’re working on transcripts of all the episodes. So pretty fun stuff happening behind the scenes. And with that, it’s the bumperpodcast.
All right, today we’re going to talk a little bit about shared experiences. Oh, hi, bumper podcast. My name is Natty Bumpercar. Welcome to the show. Today we’re going to talk about shared experiences.
Aloysius J. Pig 1:21 Wait a minute. Could you just repeat the thing that you just said? Twice? Like right over he like you said it and then you don’t understand?
Producer 1:29 Yeah, I distinctly heard him. She said something about share share of experiences and shared experiences. Share, share, share. I don’t okay. Yeah. Okay. Yeah. So it was I was a little,
Natty Bumpercar 1:46 yes. Okay. So yes, shared experiences. And what is that? That’s like, when some people, it’s like you have an experience. Right? And then other people maybe have the same experience. But here’s the crazy thing. Maybe they see it from a different perspective.
Doodle Poodle 2:02 Does that make sense? Hi, it’s me doodle. actually makes a lot of sense because maybe somebody who’s an artist drawing perspective, two point perspective. Three point perspective.
Aloysius J. Pig 2:26 Many perspectives you’re gonna do. Yeah. Okay, so I don’t think Natty did that should take the the type of perspective that you’re talking about. But you can tell us so you continue with desk because we’re almost two minutes in and we haven’t even I don’t know what we’re doing. Good
Natty Bumpercar 2:47 point. Good point. Good point. Okay. So wait, shared experiences. So, the other day, we all went to the lake? Right? And so I figure we’ll talk about the lake and what happened to us at the lake
Rufus T. Rufus 3:02 so I am contractually legally and in probably not allowed to talk about what happened at the lake. Exactly.