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Built In Texas

The Reinvention of Roma Osowo

November 07, 2022

She's back....! After a well-deserve hiatus for our team, Built In Texas is excited to return with our special guest this week, artist Roma Osowo.

A color-loving abstract artist who creates vibrant, joy-filled art to elevate beautiful spaces, Roma was born in the British Virgin Islands and graduated from the Inter American University of Puerto Rico with a degree in Business Administration and a minor in Marketing. She worked in Marketing Management before eventually transitioning to staying at home with her kids to homeschool them. After a twelve year hiatus, Roma returned to her brushes in January of 2017 and a true fire was sparked within her to pursue her first love, which was painting.

Roma recently announced her featured 18-piece collection with Target. Check it out here.


Describe Texas in 3 Words:

Melting pot




On the Menu: Favorite Place to Grab a Meal?

The Winewood Grill, Grapevine


What's Next:

I’m opening up my commissions again so I will be available for custom orders.

My Target collection will be in stores until Dec 4th and will continue to be available online for another 9 months.

Texas Woman That Inspires Me:

Georgia O’Keefe. Because she was an incredibly talented artist who was not born in Texas, but lived and taught here for quite a while and made Texas home.

Connect With Me:






  • How to reinvent your professional journey
  • Art is both a product and a service, it's important to create and SELL
  • Landing big partnerships & collabs (and how you can do it too!)
  • How to step out of your comfort zone when it comes to building your network of friends, colleagues and mentors
  • Overcoming rejection by knowing where you stand
  • Finding your way (and your voice) in Texas
  • The next big industry Roma wants to explore

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